Tri-City Confirmation – Service Project

The Matthew 7:12 Project 

Matthew 7:12 states: “In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets.” This is the golden rule. 

What is it: A household or family based service project and video testimony. 

What is required: During the 24 weeks of confirmation, the students are to participate in 2 hours of service together as a family/household and record and share a 3 minute video about the experience using the questions below. Each confirmation household/family can determine the level of participation in a service amongst the various members of the household/family. Confirmation households/families can work together on a service project if they so desire, but each student needs to be a part of the summarizing video testimony. 

What kinds of service projects are we to do: The student and household/family members can choose amongst any of the existing service or mission opportunities that any of the participating churches are currently involved in (such as Lazarus House, Feed My Starving Children, Hesed House, food pantries, etc) as long as the total participation in service is at least 2 hours. Or a household/family can identify and participate in 2 hours of service of their own choosing. The service project does not have to be church sponsored or faith-based. 

When does this need to be completed: Households/families will need to complete 2 hours of service and submit a video testimony by March 15, 2023. 

What is the video testimony: We are asking that each student record a 3 minute video describing the service project and how participating in it was an act of faithful living as a Christian. Prompts for the video are included below. This video can be a simple selfie video texted to your pastors or it can be edited and produced by professionals. The video may be used in worship in-person or online by any of the churches. It would be important to make sure anyone appearing in the video knows that it may be used as described above and that you have their permission to share it with us. 

Prompts: select a few of these, but certainly include the first two and last one. 

  • Give a biographical statement about yourself. (Name, grade, church, etc)
  • Describe the project you participated in. 
  • What did you think the project would be like compared to your actual experience?
  • Where/Who did you see God in the project? 
  • What was it like participating as a household or family? 
  • How did God work in your life by participating in the project? 
  • Did you experience or share grace? 
  • How is participation service a way of living faithfully as a Christian and how might you continue to serve others and live by the golden rule throughout the rest of your life?