Welcome to Tri-City Methodist Churches of the Fox Valley

What a blessing it is to have three United Methodist Churches so close together along the Fox River.  We are different communities but we are similar because of our shared beliefs and our similar context.  We each have our own identity and yet there are some things we want to do together.  The challenge is figuring out what to call ourselves when we work as one!  That’s why we came up with Tri-City United Methodist.  This is the name we use when Batavia UMC, Geneva UMC, and Baker Memorial UMC work together on a shared program, mission or ministry.

Tri-City Youth Great Gratitude Give-Away

Join Batavia, Geneva, and Baker Memorial Methodist’s Youth Groups are bringing together their youth for a day of fun, service, and Great Gratitude. Meet up at Baker Memorial UMC in Wiley Hall located at 307 Cedar Avenue. We will have enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate and meet some new friends or hang out with old ones.  This is open to all students 6th-12th grade, so please bring your friends along, too.  Sign up today and pass the link along to others.